Wharf soap

€ 7,95

A vegetable, organic soap that is made with love in the traditional way in Utrecht.

Looking for a fresh Utrecht product? Yard soaps are wonderfully mild, nourishing soaps, full of nourishing oils and naturally present glycerine. Due to the mild effect, the soaps are suitable as hand soap, shower soap and even for the face.

Local Utrecht maker

Werfzeep is a traditional organic soap factory in Utrecht. All soaps are vegetable, palm oil free and made with love. According to Werfzeep, the power of a good, nourishing soap lies in the base: the plant. Except for the honey soap and shampoo, all soaps are vegan. They only work with organic ingredients of good origin and do not add unnecessary substances. For the ingredients they work together with growers who have the same conviction and they pick some of the plants in the beloved Wickenburgh forest, near Utrecht. read here more about Werfzeep and how it started.