Book: Forgotten Buildings

€ 12,95

In this book you will find a collection of "forgotten buildings" in Utrecht.

Utrecht is full of special buildings that everyone just goes by. They are not the famous monuments of the city, but the buildings of which hardly anyone knows the story. And just the stories about these buildings read in this book.

Local Utrechtse maker

In 2014, Arjen den Boer started on DUIC (The Utrechtse Internet Courant) with a series on 'forgotten buildings' in the city. It seemed like the way to share his enthusiasm for Utrechtse monuments with more people. The pieces turned out to be well read and often shared. It shows that many more Ufunnels are interested in history, architecture and monuments than is evidenced by the modest interest in most publications and activities in that field. The pieces of DUIC have been edited, supplemented and updated for this book.