Book: Sint Maarten Comic Book, a living legend

€ 9,95

Read the story of Sint Maarten in this comic book with illustrations by three Utrecht Comic Cartoonists.

In this three-volume comic book, three Utrecht cartoonists (Niels Bongers, Joshua Peeters and Albo Helms), each with a completely distinctive style, talk about the life, legend and heritage of Sint Maarten.

Foundation Publishing Company Die

The Foundation For Publishing, Dies, founded in 1981 and based in Utrecht, is an independent publishing house that aims to promote interest in history, landscape, archaeology and monuments in the Netherlands through publications. Sint Maarten, saint Martin of Tours, is closely linked to the city of Utrecht. The sint Maartensraad aims to make Utrecht Sint Maartenstad and to promote the values of the saint, sharing together, social justice and peace, in Utrecht by organizing all kinds of different celebrations and activities.