Picture book of Utrecht

€ 19,95

Dive into Utrecht with this beautiful picture book.

A unique Utrechts picture book where you can find your most beautiful places and sights of Utrecht. Nice to have at home in the bookcase or walk through the city to find out more about Utrecht.

Local Utrechtse maker

Publishing behind the Dom. According to Brigitte Nieuneighbour, a picture book about Utrecht did not exist yet and that also nutrided the plan to give it out. "I ' ve been in all sorts of stores and it was n' t there." Why she wanted to make a book about Utrecht so badly? There she can be brief about that: "Because Utreg is really our city-shinh." The book contains no story, but goes past all sorts of known and less known places in the city and tells about things that you may or may not have known, illustrated with the drawings of Ellen de Bruijn.