Dark Utrecht Puzzle (1000 pieces)

€ 19,95

This Dark Utrecht puzzle of 1000 pieces has an image of an enchanting photo of Utrecht in the evening.

With the Donker Utrecht puzzle of 1000 pieces you can put together an atmospheric image of Utrecht at home. You can choose between the Oudegracht or the Dom Tower. Nice to give gift to someone else or to yourself.

Local Utrecht creator

Dark Utrecht. This is what the series of photos of Utrecht's places after sunset is called. A series that Merijn van der Vliet started on Facebook in early 2011 and the end of which is far from over. The pictures merijn makes especially in the so-called 'blue quarter', the twilight period in which the sky turns intense dark blue in a short time and a perfect balance is created between skylight and artificial light. But he also photographs deeper into the evening and night. In some of these nightly photo sessions, Merijn deliberately opens the shutter of his camera for a very long time in order to create a surreal world, a world that does not actually exist. There are several products available with the pictures of Merijn. Including the puzzle of 100 pieces. The quality of the puzzle is identical to a Jumbo puzzle.