Dom candle 22cm

€ 14,95

The Dom candle is a handmade candle that comes in beautiful recyclable packaging.

This authentic Domkaars can no longer be ignored from Utrecht. Let a Utrecht light shine in your living room and feel the warmth of the city. Available in various colors and sizes for every occasion. Note: Colors may differ from the photo.

Local Utrecht maker

Ruud Snel invented the original Dom candle and has been a Dom candle maker since 1969 in his studio Ruud’s Waskit in the Donkerstraat in Utrecht. He was in touch with everyone and wanted to "spread light". A colorful person with a lot of humor. His Domkaars is a tough product that deserved continuity anyway. The makers of these candles are Ruud's nieces, Mandy Snel and Manon Snel, twin sisters with the ambition to do business together. Each candle is handmade by them and each candle tells its own personal message from the giver to the recipient. You give a gift, a memory, a cheerful note, beautiful to display, nice to give away, to light on a special occasion. You give a keepsake… that spreads light.